Friday, February 24, 2012

Circlelord Bubbles Giant Template

Circlelord Bubbles is a 12 inch high pattern for Longarm machines.
The circles are  3 1/4  inches and 2  inches.


Circlelord  Bubbles is a continuous pattern. You start from one side and stitch up and down each row as described in the picture below

Double stitched pattern made by slideing the template to the side 2.25". Holes are in the template to measure this.

Sizes and Cost:
Queen            2       Sections    92"       
Queen +1/2    2+1/2 Sections   115"     
King              3        Sections   138"      

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 Circle Lord template designs are copyright protected by Loricles. These designs may be quilted by the owner of the template without restriction. These designs may not be produced on either computer quilting programs, or any material used for grooved template manufacture.